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Photos of Tuna Harbor Park at Night

Last night I walked around Tuna Harbor Park to play with the settings on the Rebel T3I camera and see if I can get some nice photos at night. I have often wondered how the photographers take those shots in the darkness and come out with a soft glow and reflective water. The artistic mastery of some of the photographers have always astounded me. The P mode is the Program mode offers an opportunity to make those special pictures. It does not allow for the same creative adjustments you might find in some other modes but appears to adjust appropriately for aperture and shutter speed. It may be the amateur’s way of adjusting to the conditions without knowing all of the other camera functions. Take your tripod as keeping the camera absolutely still is necessary in a slower speed to avoid a blurry picture. The pictures were taken at the bay and Tuna Harbor Park. The park was built to give honor to the fishing industry of San Diego and the Navy’s sailors. Located at the end of th