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Marketing and Economic Efficiency Create Societal Improvement

Artwork: Dr. Murad Abel The bridge between economic growth and government efficiency is not an easy one to find. There are many factors that go into the process of building stronger economies, better societies, and more accountable government. Research by Sirgy, et. al. (2012) helps to show how marketing activities improvement of economic, social, health, and subjective health of a country is mediated by economic efficiency. As marketing activity increases and government oversight becomes more efficient the economy grows for the benefit of all societal members. Marketing Activity:   The totality of marketing expenditures throughout society that increase awareness of products and services that speed up economic activity (Wilkie and Moore, 2007). This can be measured as dollar amount of advertising expenditures per GDP.   It is tightly woven retailers that fulfill the needs of customer’s life domains that enhance their quality of life. It improves upon information flow, consu