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Solar Powered San Diego Encourages Ecological Advancement

San Diego is well on its way to becoming a city destined for environmental salvation. According to the non-profit Environment California Research & Policy Center San Diego Ranks second in the nation in terms of solar power usage. We are doing well in protecting our environment and ensuring a sustainable future. That doesn't mean we can't do more. Creating streamlined processes for solar power installation approval as well as encouraging higher levels of solar power reliance is beneficial for setting the framework for sustainable cities. If there are any unnecessary restrictions on installing solar panels it will raise the overall customer costs and slow the pace of solar integration. There are advantages to developing solar panels that include less reliance on outside sources of energy, lowering long-term costs, and reducing environmental costs. As more renewable sources are developed the city will lower its overall carbon footprint and slow its contribution to enviro

The Economic Development of Platforms in History

It can sometimes be fun to think of where society is heading. Perhaps it is more wishful thinking than concrete concept but there is often a little bit of science behind projections. If we look at the trends of data development, global warming, and global business trajectories we may find that pressures will create impetus to redevelop the declining urban cores into something more economically and ecologically sustainable. Decision-makers are seeking opportunities to raise economic activity and lower costs while reducing pollution. The next economic platform will be based in the varying pressures of the environment in which it develops. Economic platforms often mirror city planning through the design and development of a city’s infrastructure. City planning is something that has existed before the Roman Empire all the way back to Plato’s Republic. Europe is full of cities that once started off of the Roman designs and continued to develop beyond these platforms to create maze

Economic, Social, and Environmental Resilience of Cities

Creating sustainability within cities can be difficult. A paper by Luigi Fusco discusses how cities can develop economy synergy by fostering creativity, resilience, and sustainability (2011). His work is more focused on port cities but does highlight the concept that human elements are important considerations in the development of cities that will survive change.   These factors may actually be measured to help ensure that cities are moving in the right direction.  Creativity is a powerful energy source for redevelopment. With creativity people can solve problems, develop new products, and find new ways to doing things. This creativity helps develop an economic engine with new ideas and marketable solutions.  Synergy can be seen as the relation principles that help discus the interconnected nature of business and people. As businesses and people connect together they develop interactions that can enhance the economic system. Synergy is based on these social and business