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Health Benefits of Eating an Orange Everyday

Throwing an orange in your lunch box everyday has significant health benefits. Eating single orange a day can enhance heart health, improve the immune system, and strengthen many other parts of your body. Eating healthy requires replacing bad calories with health ones contain in oranges and other fruits or vegetables.  Oranges contain something called flavonols that contributes to heart health (Nursing Standard, 2011).   The flavonols are an anti-oxidant that search the body and remove free radicals that injure the lining of the veins and damage the heart.   Having an appropriate amount of flavonols in your blood can reduce risks of stroke and heart attack by ad much as 10-20%. If you have the sniffles you might just want to pick up a few oranges. As it turns out the colorful fruit has a lot of vitamin C which boosts your immune system (Finweek, 2013). Consuming 7 to 9 servings of fruit and vegetables a day can really impact and improve your complicated immune system. It