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E-Learning and the New World of Warfare

The world of warfare is changing and is more technology driven than at any point in history. The pitched battles between two large armies in standard WWI and WWII trench style combat no longer exist in the same form. Today’s military will either take the form of highly professional, technology-driven, adaptable units or low technology, low professional, socially networked adaptable units. Professional units are incorporating more e-learning to ensure their soldiers are up to speed with modern technology and knowledge requirements.  A paper in the eLearning & Software for Education Journal describes the modern battlefield and the need for additional e-learning (Eparu, & Atanasiu, 2014). The battlefield of 2015-2025 will be tridimensional, transparent, technology driven, dynamic pulsing, multi-directional, cybernetic, digitized, integrated, and multinational.   Technology to handle change, communication, and run robotics will put pressure on traditional militaries to c

How E-Learning is Changing the Nature of Combat

A Patriot Breeze by Dr. M. Abel Technology is here to stay while the development of higher levels of skill to effectively handle that technology is important.   A paper by Eparu & Atanasiu (2014) discusses the need to raise technological abilities through online training by encouraging higher levels of military systems development. The human ability to develop strategy and make political decisions is enhanced through proper systems and technological knowledge that allow for a more collaborative response to threats.  The nature of the battlefield has changed. Data and information can be drawn from thousands of data points to understand the situation and the potential for threat. Understanding how data can lead to better conclusions of current and future activities is important for improved performance.  The far majority of militaries are simply not prepared to measure, collect and properly use new information effectively. Misinterpretations of the data, improper mea

Call for Papers: 2014 International E-Learning Awards

Submission Deadline: March 1, 2014 Awards will be given for successful courses, sites, and products, in three categories: e-learning, blended learning, and mobile learning.  Each category includes awards in both the Academic and Business divisions.  The winners will be announced in June 2014 at the ICELW Conference in New York, though you do not need to come to New York in order to win an award. The International E-Learning Association is a leading international group that brings together researchers and practitioners in all forms of e-learning.  IELA's sponsorship of international conferences and journals, and its strong membership base, continue to advance the state of the art of the e-learning field worldwide in academic and business areas. More Information