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Approach versus Avoidant Orientated Creative Individuals in the Workplace

Creative individuals are considered an asset to organizations that seek to develop new ideas and market approaches. Such creativity encourages higher performing artists and scientists when compared to average colleagues that do not have the same level of creativity (Csikszentmihalyi, 1996).   Such people simply perform at a higher level and are able to come up with more unique solutions that their counterparts cannot. Organizations face all types of environmental events in a global market and will need to capitalize on such creativity in order to overcome these challenges. Research indicates that creative individuals are better able to solve complex problems and manage social situations (De Dreu & Nijstad, 2008). This means that their abilities give them unique advantages in the world of work and life.  New research has come to light that helps us understand why between two creative individuals one will perform at a high level and the other will not. The research condu