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Mystic Coffee-Small Shop with Neighborhood Appeal

If you are seeking a little coffee get away far from the cookie cutter establishments of more upscale locations you might want to check out Mystic Mocha.   It is not on a main street or located in a high traffic throughway but it does offer plenty of traffic. It is a neighborhood coffee shop primarily known to locals and off of the beaten path for unknown visitors.  The location is small with a half dozen tables on the inside and a number of lounge chairs in the yard. The inside is simple and doesn’t hold any expensive thrills or masterpieces of art but is comfortable enough for a few hours. However, one can feel comfortable in a place like this as not a single person has anything more to prove than the other.  The menu is somewhat limited with sandwiches, burritos, wraps, mochas, ice coffee and regular coffee. Yet this is quick eating and run type of place. Price is generally under $3 for a cup of coffee and $7.00 for an artichoke wrap. It is possible to order a breakfa