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Are U.S. MBA Schools Losing their Positions?

U.S. schools have long been known as a place where higher education excels. Over the past decade European and Asian MBA schools have started to take preference and superseded many American schools. A study by Collet & Vives (2014) discusses how the face of the American university has changed and why European and Asian schools are starting to reach top spots in business education. Business schools have not always been part of the American landscape like many other programs. By the 1980’s MBAs were in hot demand and graduates could expect to earn around 2X what the average person earned in the country. The MBA is, and was, a significant sign of achievement among academics, and holding a degree from one could lead to faster promotion and higher pay. As the interest on MBA grow so did the interest of business oriented media that desired to rank the schools for their readers. Publications like the Financial Times used three criteria to rank Global MBA schools by 1. Faculty demogra