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Creating Social Networks for Career Success

Social networks on a personal and business level are important for developing society and developing oneself. Social networks offer employment opportunities that would not otherwise been available. It also offers an opportunity to create a support network of like-minded individuals that share similar interests and traits. For those not familiar with social networking a little advice can go a long way. Social networks as much a part of business and society as eating and breathing. The difference is that we are often not aware of the different types of social networks that include family, business, friends, etc... We live connected with each other without even having to try. The ideas of networking as an activity means to think strategically about your networks. If you are a business professional you are more likely to be interested in professional connections. Those connections are likely to be different than your parenting, sports, recreational, charity and hobby connections. It wi

Developing Networks for Economic Growth

Companies exist within a wider context of information, finances, resources, and sociological networks that impact their long-term health. Successful companies can formalize and embrace this interconnected nature to develop enhanced levels of performance. They are semi-open systems that can take in information, transform it into something new, and contribute to their environment while ensuring they are retaining healthy profit margins.  Hubs are made of clusters of competencies  that make up the back bone of local human capital. They form when businesses with similarities work in tandem and share common characteristics. We can see how clusters are formed around competencies in science, entrepreneurship, art, manufacturing, or just about any other industry.  Clusters have socialites who foster and push network creation. Socialites pass out cards, attend meetings, make phone calls, and connect resources and finances to create new things. They are the entrepreneurs and pro-s