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Analysis for Overcoming Global Business Challenges

A paper in the Journal of Knowledge Management, Economics & Information Technology by Siddhartha Ghosh attempts to explore the methods in which a business may implement a strategy after the global downturn. He argues that the three components includes innovation promotional practices, social and organizational welfare, and ethical behavior.   He discussed the concept of innovation and the overall process of development that should occur. As firms implement new strategies, they will find an increase in market success through the use of proper analysis to meet global challenges.  I-Ideas N-New Plan or Design N-Noticeable Changes O-Optimum Change Evaluation V-Variety A-Adaption to the New Environment/New Business T-Thought process for planned change. I-Ideological developments in business. O-Optimization of changes. N-Numero Uno (Being at the top of the market). The author further contends that there are four major strategies to co