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Researchers Develop In-Depth 3D Imaging of the Brain

Researchers from Canada and Germany have created a detailed anatomical 3-D brain map of the brain. They used a 65 year-olds woman’s brain that was preserved, sliced into 7,400 pieces, and then photographed at a microscopic level. The detail is considered astounding allowing for near cellular level viewing. The model will be open to all researchers at the Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine in Jülich, Germany. It will help foster greater understand of the typography of the brain and encourage higher integration of research. With over 1,000 hours and 10 trillion bytes of information the brain map offers an opportunity to see how the biological parts worth together. Each crevice, bump and ridge was sliced and photographed to create the world’s most accurate model. Supercomputers then analyzed the results to develop computer generated models for researchers.  Currently, researchers use MRI and CT scans to see the brain. The new model gives a stronger point of references with