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The Politics of Language-Personality and Expression

Language impacts just about everything our lives that range from our perspective on life all the way to how we react to new information. The book Symbol, Status and Personality by S.I. Hyakawan provides insight into the nature of language and how it influences our personality and our effectiveness in getting the things we want out of life.  No one exists in isolation. We are cultural creatures that are part of a long line of ancestors, cultures, symbols, values, and people. In childhood we engrain people’s values and beliefs into our own. A few adults learn that these values and opinions are not always correct and can master them.   Words also have emotions and images attached to them. In politics we use words to stir people to action on certain events. Creating the image, using certain types of words, and giving people an outlet for their concerns is a primary political activity.  Within any conversation there are lots of needs, goals, objectives, and perceptions bein

Personal Definition of Leadership

The transformational leader who is passionate about distance learning has an opportunity to be a part of a societal change process.   America and the global community are going through a paradigm shift in regards to public perception of distance learning.   Alone, one person cannot initiate and coordinate a national or global societal change, but individually, a transformational leader can establish a vision, create a passion, and develop a leadership plan.   As I reflect on my own personal leadership plan in the field of distance education, a three-step approach was taken.   Self-reflection, honest feedback, and continual learning were the components that I used in designing my personal leadership plan. Bennis, leadership author and guru, defined leadership as “ the capacity to create a compelling vision and translate it into action and sustain it ” (2003, p. 1).   Leadership can be learned.   If one has the desire to be a leader, one can be.   " Like John Kotter, Prof Be