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Kenpo: Introducing Crashing Eagle

At times an opponent will attempt to grab your coat from behind in a fit of rage. This is especially poplar if you have taken the higher road and are attempting to walk away from a potential conflict. As you move in the opposite direction the opponent may desire to grab your coat to yank you off balance, pull you to the floor or shove you forward into a more solid object. It is often a first reaction for people who want to show their strength and power handing conflicts in social situations.  In kenpo the conflict should be handled by walking away when possible. Only when attacked or under the potential for great bodily harm does a person have the right to defend themselves. Yet when their coat is grabbed and they face being knocked to the ground in someone’s fit of rage then it is necessary to use something like the Crash of Eagle to release the grip and stun the attacker. The move is simple and that is part of its charm. It is easy to learn and beginning students can pic