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Trees Adapting to Climate Change

Forests are changing in their battle against climate change. In some parts of the world such tree networks are beginning to change so that they remove more carbon dioxide and use less water. The report was shocking in the sense that it throws conventional wisdom a little on its head. Ecosystem-level photosynthesis and net carbon uptake is increasing while evapotranspiration is decreasing. Trees are becoming more efficient.  The process works by closing the pores on leaves in order to maintain consistent carbon levels within the leaf and therefore allowing less evaporation loss of water from within the tree. This is done while not stopping the growing mechanisms of the tree. Some tree networks that are still in temperate climates of the northern hemisphere have found a way to survive changes in their atmosphere.  The downside to such findings is that the trees will pull less water out of the soil and release less water into the air. This will then impact the amount of rain