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U.S. Global Competitive Stance-Improvements with Concerns

The Global Competitiveness Report 2013-2014 discusses some major shifts in the economy of both emerging nations and advanced countries. These changes have impacted the potential growth of developed nations and will require them to make structural changes, find value-added products, create new processes, develop business models, and drive innovation. The way in which countries are viewed from developing to developed will change to innovative poor and innovative rich.  The authors of the report look at 148 countries and rank them on 100 criteria. Competitiveness is seen as 12 pillars based upon institutions, policies, and factors that influence prosperity and its ability to generate income. They are as follows: Institutions: The quality of administrative and legal framework that can enhance or stifle growth based upon the quality of decision making and societal beliefs.  Infrastructure : The development of infrastructure that enhances and connects economics for the m