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Coronovirus Task Force Provides Update April 18th, 2020

There is a good point the President made as it relates to the PPP program and its potential benefits to the country. Refunding the PPP (and other) can be helpful for creating greater innovation down the road for large (large businesses often integrate successful smaller businesses) and small businesses (can grow and develop on their own) alike. One issue our nation has faced is concentration of wealth in fewer hands. Allowing for a method of encouraging smaller businesses to start and sustain operations can have multi-fold benefits such as greater economic shock absorbing, improved return to investors, re-connecting rural economies that were sidelined by globalization, zoning for future disease waves to minimize economic impact, rebranding American values to a large/poweful group of Millennials, and encouraging localized grassroots economic systems that support family incomes. It just seems like it makes sense from an economic, social, and political standpoint. There are lots detail on