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Developing Deeper Morality in Graduates of Institutions

Ethical considerations are important for maintaining business trust and stakeholder interest. Research by Dufresne & Offstein (2012) delves into the building of character at West Point and makes compelling arguments why many of the values can fit within colleges and business. The study delves into the nature of ethics and how it is seeded into more fundamental character development. Developing these morality systems can service graduates beyond the halls of their education and into the real world. Major lapses in ethics have caused a decline in trust both on a societal level as well as within business and among investors. These lapses come from fundamental foundations of values and competing choices. Those who do not have strong foundations and ethical conscience often fail when personal and social pressures rise. Each organization has its own core values that are unique to that institution. For example, at West Point a cadet following the code won’t lie, cheat, steal, or toler