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Book Review: The Oxford Book of Modern Science Writing

Richard Dawkin’s The Oxford Book of Modern Science Writing covers a broad array of scientific writing that ranges from the universe to artificial intelligence. It provides an overview of various topics and scientific discoveries. For example, one could read about the genetic theory of natural selection or geons, black holes, and quantum foam. The book is broken into four sections, which include what scientist’s study, who scientists are, what they think, and what they delight in.  You may find Alan Turing’s computing machinery and intelligence interesting. Alan was the pivotal scientist behind breaking the German Enigma codes. Some may argue that he was more important than Churchill in taking down the Nazi regime.   After the war, instead of reward, he was arrested for a private crime and committed suicide by eating an apple laced with cyanide.  He invented the imitation game designed to try and create a computer that can think. In the game three people play while the ma