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Luxurious Club M in North County San Diego

Club M is located in The Grand Del Mar in North County San Diego. Immediately upon entering the premises, you will be introduced to the gate guard that checks identification and wishes the visitors a fun and safe evening. Traveling along tree-lined roads you  become aware that this is no ordinary location. It is a drive of luxury with rolling hills and manicured flowers that fancy the eye. Even the stone signs and fencing make you think of something out of Downtown Abbey. Upon arrival, you pull your car to the valet who promptly open the doors, hand you a ticket and drive off. The total is $10 with no cost to enter the establishment. If you have frequented the club scene, you are aware that $10 or $20 is often necessary to simply enter a dance club. To pay this amount for valet instead of a cover charge is pleasant. They parked my old Porsche next to the valet stand in the first spot-I guess the new paint job hides its true value.  They serve breakfast, lunch and tapas