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The Health Benefits of Soba (Buckwheat) Noodles

Burning with spicy Thai food I reached for a glass of water. Mouth stinging someone mentioned the health benefits of Soba noodles that sparked an immediate Google search. Soba noodles (Buckwheat) are native Japanese food that contains significant health benefits for blood pressure, cholesterol, fat accumulation, and fitness ( 1 ). You can find these noodles in most health stores, Asian markets, and even some chain grocery chains.  Are you are trying to get in great shape but are addicted to pasta which keeps foiling your fitness levels? Soba noodles offer that healthy alternative that doesn’t skimp on taste nor costs considerably more than commercial brands. You can use Soba noodles in most noodle recipes which helps in ensuring that your transition to a healthy lifestyle is easy and tasty. As a buckwheat product it doesn’t contain all of the negative effects of processed wheat noodles ( 2 ).  Buckwheat noodles are regularly cooked, rinsed and served cold ( 3 ). They are