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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dining and Dancing on the Bay at Prospect Bar and Grill

The crowd sways and the music plays at Prospect Bar and Grill. The attendees are energized and full of youthful excitement as to what the night will bring. Located in the downtown commercial district of La Jolla California it is one of those convenient locals clubs that is both around the block and down to earth. The crowd ranges from the late twenties to the early forties. It has a nice blend of outdoor and indoor seating that accommodates a chance to dance or chat.

The Prospect has a luscious menu that ranges in everything from chicken fingers to lobster ravioli. Besides items like steamed mussels and pesto salmon one can also tantalize their taste buds with an indulgent chocolate mousse cake.  Most items on the menu are under $16 while wine selections are around $9 per glass. You may visit their menu at

A  nice attraction about this establishment is that you can sit outside on the patio overlooking the bay. The warmers will keep you from the chill but the view will warm your heart so they probably aren’t needed anyway. It is recommended that you come to eat around 8:00 P.M if you desire to enjoy supper before dancing and want to avoid the $5.00 charge that kicks in when the music starts playing. 

It appears that the restaurant will accommodate large groups and will section off areas to make these accommodations. It is important to make reservations ahead of time in order to host a party group. Small groups are not likely to have to wait long before finding seating as dinner time flow is smooth. Plenty of space for everyone.

Before nine o’clock expect the dinner crowd to be finishing their meals and the D.J. to just be starting to set up his jamming list. By ten o’clock the party starts rolling with dance music, drinks, and a social frenzy. No need to worry about long lines as the club seems to have just the right quantity of attendees which avoids unnecessary drink delays. 

The strategy of establishment appears to coincide with the maximization of facilities and resources. The day and evenings are food service times while the evening caters to the club going crowd. Pool tables are available during the day or early evenings to coincide with the lounge atmosphere. Television sets are placed on the walls for those who like to catch up on their sports statistics.

1025 Prospect Street
Suite 210
La Jolla, CA 92037
You can make reservations online at