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Art Review: “Ugly Duchess” by Quentin Matsy

“Ugly Duchess” by Quentin Matsys is either an attempt to mock vanity or based upon a real person suffering from Paget’s disease. Quinten Massys was a Flemish artist who painted the picture in 1513 leaving many pondering its meaning ( 1 ). To many it is a picture of an old lady attempting to look beautiful with all the accessories of a wealthy person. The items we buy and the impressions we give others cannot hide our beauty or ugliness to the world.  Such a painting could also be as simple as an expression of age. The problem with fleeting beauty is that it is a slow process of decline where a once beautiful women fights against its demise by becoming more accessorized and gaudy in her dressing style. The same happens to men who desire to keep the strength and vigor of their youth alive and well through superficial means.  We hope to cover our flaws with cosmetics, fancy clothing, and expensive accessories but we only manage to make ourselves look less attractive by cove