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NMH Horizon Project Report Discusses Future Trends of Education and Technology

The NMC Horizon Project is a decade long review to determine how emerging technologies will impact education.   There are six technologies that will continue to influence higher education in the near and long-term future. These technologies will continue to pressure the overall nature and strategic approaches colleges adapt in creating more financially viable organizations.   The projections are broken into near term, mid term, and far term horizons.  Near Term Horizon (12 Months): MOOCs and tablets are likely to make inroads into higher education. MOOCs offer non-degree seeking students certificates are often offered for free. It is likely in the future, even though the report doesn’t mention this colleges may charge for such classes. The second near term influence of technology will be the use of tablets that offer portability and computing power at a price most students can afford. Mid Term Horizon (2-3 Years): Gamification and student assessment appear to be the