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The Cultural Factors of Organizational Innovation

Organizational culture is an important but often overlooked aspect of the innovative process. Without the right cultural tone the overall amount and quality of new products and services are likely to be reduced. The strength of the cultural underpinnings influence the success of employee thinking and supports the proper experimental mindset.  When it comes to knowledge of innovative processes the literature is revealing. Yet there are other contextual factors that influence the success and contribution to such process. The literature is weak on the concept of tacit and difficult to define cultural factors of innovation (Nonaka & Takeuchi, 1995). It is these cultural influences that determines the mental state and commitment to the success of future innovations.  Those who support that culture are often seen as entrepreneurs.   Such innovative entrepreneurs are risk takers who seize upon opportunities to develop something new (Sarasvathy, Dew, Velamuri & Venkatarama