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Wine Review: Tierra Brisa's 2012 Malbec

Some choice words that describe Tierra Brisa’s 2012 Malbec include ripe, blackberry, spice, and well balanced.   A nine second aftertaste from complete start to finish. There appears to be just a touch of vanilla which may mean it was aged in oak barrels. Crisp with light tannins. It appears to be well balanced for customers. Produced in the Mendoza region of Argentina the grapes are ripened on the Andes slopes. The region doesn’t receive a lot of rain but has mild seasons. It is the most important grape growing region in the area and has world interest. The growers have moved from quantity to quality production.   Malbec is a great wine for steaks and other greasy foods. Even though this wine retails for around $8.00 there is little association of the taste with the quality. It would be a strong wine to offer in a restaurant and earn your price back with a single sold glass. You would get somewhere around 4 to 6 six servings per bottle and can charge the $8.00 easily in