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Pup Art and Products at Harry & Merry Pet and Dog Wash Opening

You wouldn’t think puppies and art would go together but at the Pup Art Group Show the paintings of over 30 artists came together to gain exposure for their artistic creations while promoting the opening of Hairy & Merry Pet Spa and Dog Wash. That is correct-a dog spa and art have something to do with each other. Art can be an augmentation to business advertising as long as it complements the products.  It is important to think in terms of customer demographics. Who might own a dog and what other interests might they have? Dog owners are interested in dog products and would also likely be interest in dog art. Putting the two together draws a greater crowd through the door which can only help the business gain greater exposure.  In this case the Pup Art Group Show offered a nice array of canine paintings mixed among the many products at Hairy & Merry’s Pet Spa and Dog Wash. Apparently, many of the local dog owners were also amateur artists. A few of the works we