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Report Indicates Service Related Changes in Higher Education

A report by Destiny Solutions on the nature of higher education indicates that future changes are likely and at a much more rapid pace than what has been experienced in the past. Over the past thousand years higher education has not changed much but in the past 20 years has capitalized on technology to create a much more transformational environment. This environment requires new tools to master and organizations are in the process of developing these tools. The very paradigm by which colleges operate is starting to change create new possibilities and hazards.  The demographics of the student have changed. A total of 73% of students are considered non-traditional in that they are generally not fresh out of high school and may hold a job. Some of them work part time. The trend in non-traditional students appears to be continuing and colleges will need to adjust their practices to meet these unique needs.  At present there are over 9 million adults over the age of 25 enrolle