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Book Review: When Generations Collide

When Generations Collide, by Lynne Lancaster and David Stillman, provide insight into the manners, decision making choices, values and work habits of four generations within the workplace. The Millennials, Generation X, Baby Boomers, and Traditionalists each have their own perception and needs within the workplace. Understanding how these generations act and interact with their environment fosters better ways of encouraging cross-generational understandings. The book discusses concepts including generational turbulence, WWI to WWII, race, religion, gender, language, and different approaches to management. Understanding how each generation views the workplace and sees their contribution to the environment is important for managing these different vantage points within the workplace. Furthermore, the book also provides some insight on how to get these groups to work more closely together and understand each other. There is an outline of the approximate generational groups: 1.) Tr