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Veteran’s Day Should Remember the Past and Not Compromise the Future

Bright red, white and blue banners line the street as ceremonial bands and finely dressed warriors march in perfect unison. Veteran’s Day was originally a celebration of the end of hostilities in WWI but has taken greater meaning over the years. On Veteran’s Day Americans attend speeches, parades, and BBQ their food. These are important outward symbols of an internal belief. Veterans represent a higher sacrifice for national interest.  It is easy to forget the founding principles of our country and the responsibilities that each of us has in keeping those beliefs alive. We make compromises all the time and these compromises can add up to counter those fundamental values. Ensuring that we make proper decisions and not make compromises on certain core values such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is important.  Let us take a look at an example where compromise hurt veterans. The VA Hospital has recently been in the news for covering up long wait times and poor