Pence and Trump Part Ways in Georgia: Where are They Going Next?

There is an internal debate going in in the GOP over who will back who and where the party is heading. Currently Trump is the leading candidate but there are others within the party that want something different. These are also big donors and powerful people so the party will be moving in two different support directions that will be further highlighted in the primary races. You can read more about this in the NPR article by Deepa Shivaram entitled, 'Pence will rally for Georgia Gov. Kemp, defying Trump, who backs David Perdue'

Pence will support Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and Trump will Support David Perdue (I know its part of the title above.). 

Its an interesting race. That is why I encourage GOP to be neutral from the beginning because ultimately the people have sort of decide who would be their top leaders. That will influence the nature of politics and the direction of the nation. 

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