Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Mitch McConnel Seeks Purge-GOP at Historical Crossroads

Its an interesting state of affairs in our White House as GOP leaders and Trump loyalists line up. The conversation is likely to going to influence perceptions of what it means to be a Republican. Are you a Trump loyalist or a Republican? For some these may be the very same thing and for others there is a growing difference. The impeachment vote will determine not only our next course of action as a party but it will also open up new risks/opportunities. 

No matter what happens with the impeachment we must consider whether ends justify the means. While many institutions need major reform they are nevertheless "agreed" upon by most members of society. GOP will definitely be different after this vote and do a little soul searching as to who we are going to be and what are our essential values lay. 

If our lawmakers are going to represent their people they need to think beyond party to the essential needs of our nation; wherever their decision lands. It will be their decision to make and the consequences will be for everyone else. I pray and hope they think about what they are doing and have the wisdom to choose in the best interest of society.

The system can change and adjust and therefore can be imperfectly trusted. The world is changing the the dynamics of our nation are changing as well. We cannot ignore the grievance of the people who went to the capital but we should deal with that on a different day once peace is established (Tough family talks coming!)

If we do not uphold the constitution we are not able to make a connection back to our historical foundations as a nation and we would lose the value of our symbolism. The past and the future are colliding highlighting the need for more thoughtful leaders that are able to discuss fundamental issues without radicalizing their followers (i.e. both sides/contextual mirror reflections of each otheršŸ¤Æ). 

We can't go back and change or adjust what happens in the past or this vote. We must make decisions with the widest steak holders in mind as possible. The ends don't always justify the means. If you need a refresher in philosophy and history (Rich man's hobby and poor man's occupation) with the following article...

Does the end justifies the means ? Machiavelli gives a complex answer to this fundamental politic problem. 

Vote of conscious means that the voters must dig deep to determine what they actually believe as a person. They should be selfless in that vote and listen to their conscious and vote with what "feels" right (i.e. subconscious) to them. When they wake up the next day they will have to deal with themselves and their choices. History defines the present....and this is where politicians earn their bread. 

I'm sticking with my country! Its not perfect and sometimes its wrong! It does change and if our elected leaders are willing to work together and focus on building a great competitive nation we can do it!...or into the ash heap of history.

Words of wisdom from historyThe greatest happiness of the greatest number is the foundation of morals and legislation” – Jeremy Bentham who influenced a line of thinking and perhaps moral decision making? 

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