Fed to Raise Inflation Rates to Cool Economy

The economy is an important thing! A strong economy is awesome! The Federal Reserve is trying to raise interest rates to slow down the economy. Perhaps there is a different way then slowing down the economy. What if we push the system to move toward the center of the supply chain to the highest value outputs and push the lower output production to our allies and partners? 

In other words we maximize our national value of our labor and production by improving outputs through increased creative productivity of employees and augmenting human limitations with new wearable technologies that improve human labor productivities (i.e. lowering pressure on hiring shortages. In other words, do you want wasted human capacity doing low level work or do you want them doing high level work and in turn using technology to master lower level activities. That can come through new tech and limited contracts with others.). 

We want to draw investment but still lower pressure on labor through pushing it to higher values with greater productivity and wages. There is a big world out there and not all countries are growing as fast as our own. Thus, we have opportunities to think about ways of partnering with Mexico and Canada to push lower aspects of our chain there and drawing the higher value here. Its about using our resources and maximizing them to improve capacity that slows down internal pressures but also create value.

It is like maximizing our current resources by minimizing reorienting the pressure by using our partners as release values to that pressure. When the economy slows and we need to lower unemployment we draw them back creating a level of resiliency and cushion (I think it would be in the nature of the contracts and how the technology is maintained by the U.S. even though work is being conducted across the boarder. If the country demands that only their own companies have access to certain technologies and rights to production we move on to another more open country. Maintain the tech in American companies, renting out whole production capacities of other companies, and hiring their employees as above market rates.). 

If a system is designed well and the contracts have protective limitations we can spill our excess capacities while still developing our supply chain centrality where highest value production outputs can be sought. We definitely don't want to outsource our centrality like we did in China but increase our capacity by removing lost opportunities out of the system (Put our energies where the real value is.). 

 Its not completely thought out but its a kind of an idea of maximization of production and use of existing resources for the highest ROI while creating short term releases of lower value functions. We want capitalists to have the best return on their investments in the U.S. and push our capital resources upward. We want the investment and we want to maximize that investment for profit. That in turn draws higher levels of investment and in turn national strength in production while tying our partners closer to our needs.

Side note: International influence comes through economic/business influence (At least it has in history. Think England, Phoenicians, ancient Turks, Spain in Mexico, Islamic empires, etc...). I'm a military supporter and increasing budgets and strength of military is supported by our economic activities and maximization of resources to create strength. Some feel muscle comes alone with no skeleton. That isn't truth. Our military and economic strength are buddies. Also...skip the spelling and grammar errors. I'm still better than the writers in the 1800s. 


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