My Four Top Concerns For the Nation

My four top concerns....

1.) Geopolitics and U.S. Competitiveness: We got real players out there like China and Russia and were still struggling with basic strategy formation. All of our doctors and scientists are focused on little slices but not on putting all those slices together. Forest and trees discussion. Rewarding specialists in the market and suppressing generalists that can utilize the information into broader useful frameworks. 

2.) U.S. Military: I'm less concerned about their capacity and more concerned about the political environment that encourages/discourages adaptability and funding for new emerging technologies. Kind of why I have a transactional innovation theory that can be used to speed up industries but also come out with tangible outcomes that are practical for the military (...can also increase development of communities). May or may not be worth much. Its just a puzzle.

3.)  Hyper Politics and Radicalism: Both sides got it wrong! They are fighting over slivers of ideological soap box rallies and not keeping their eye on the ball of the bigger picture. The U.S. is a live running theory about human freedoms and the process of democracy to encourage self development of people (It should lead to higher performance of people and the nation.) Its about self governance and control over government to ensure we are developing opportunities for the masses (not just certain people.). Intimidation seems to be a growing trend. No one is sure anymore if the chicken or egg comes first.

4.) Hate and Human Capital: I see people of different backgrounds do amazing things and yet we haven't maximized that human capacity through our educational systems and through drawing people into a shared vision (The best and brightest should rise and not the "most connected"). Were pitting parties and people against each other in a dangerous way and you can't really stop our politicians from doing it. Their choices are eating away at our foundations and then wondering why things are working out as planned (Capital riots, protesting at Justices houses, etc... it all seems self oriented and lacks civility.) We must have some basic values that keep us together (Just in case you are wondering I'm a light right republican with liberal friends. Meaning.....I can handle differences of opinions without storming through the White House doors or intimidating members of our Supreme Court by massing outside their homes. 😶🙊💨) 

That is it for now. I could go to 100 but that likely isn't going to be of much benefit today. 



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