Thursday, October 8, 2020

Plot to Kidnap Governor-Purposeful or Destructive?

I'm watching this press release on the plan to kidnap Governor Whitmer. One must wonder what the intent of such an action is and whether or not its going to help anyone's agenda. We have to be careful as a society when we interact and debate with each other. We are in a state of transition and people are questioning their values. These times can be chaotic and it is up to our leaders to provide a path through the differences to find something that is workable. 

Let me say that violence isn't the answer to making American better. Our system is one of the best systems out there known to man. That doesn't mean there won't be a better system in the future but that at present this is the best system we know. It provides the best opportunity for drawing in multiple stakeholders to a single form of government. Division is not something we can afford right now. 

There will be an end to COVID. We have a need to think of what it means to be American in the modern world. There are certain core values and beliefs that apply to everyone regardless or our backgrounds. It would be helpful if we use language that is more inclusive and seeks to minimize tensions. We have a process we follow and being enthusiastic about the democratic process to have civil debate is important. 

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