Thursday, October 8, 2020

Mike Pence and Kamala Harris Debate-Room for Shared Perspective?

The debates are heated to say the least. Kamala Harris and V.P. Mike Pence squared off to show their knowledge and skill to an American audience. Each talked about their particular vantage points and sought to support their arguments with key points. Some pushing against each other and personal attacks were present but it was not as heated as the presidential debates. Just because they don't agree there are opportunities for shared perspective.

Sometimes these debates can get heated and personal. This happens because people have a particular vantage point and often filter out the validity of an opposing party's perspective. We can say from the lessons of business we are more innovative if we focus on exploring aspects of both philosophies  to find those that should be singled out for greater exploration.

Innovative organizations, countries, or any other group are based in their ability to share perspectives, ponder what works from a practical level, and implement the best of those ideas. Even when there are two different philosophies at play the essential goal of strengthening our country. I believe both desire that but desire it in their own way.

Different perspectives on how to manage government doesn't mean we can't find some room for middle ground. For example, more or less government regulation of industry would be contentious to both parties. Yet what if we found a third way which included industry self-regulation and government oversight. 

I'm not really here to discuss at the moment why it would likely work. Briefly, it costs a lot to monitor regulations. Sometimes creating regulations while allowing industry to form a plan on how to achieve those objectives makes more sense on the financial and effectiveness front. Industries are often willing to self-regulate in partnership with government. 

We just need a better framework for making that happen to ensure innovative industries that are socially responsible to their consumers, nation and people. 

No matter what you read and hear on the news remember it is incumbent on you as an informed American citizen to understand the essential points and make up your own mind. 

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