Tuesday, July 14, 2020

White House on Supporting Police-Mostly Good but More Work Needed

The following video is on police and the support of police. It is necessary to make a difference in distinction between support and turning a blind eye to problems. We should support police and help them in their jobs but we should also push the system become better. We need them and we we need them to do their jobs very well without bias or immunity toward crimes. Lets call it a 60/20/20 or a 70/15/15 split where 60% of police do a great job, 20% are in need of additional training and 20% might need to be removed/or never hired.

Yet we do know that there are bad apples and we need to remove those bad apples. When a police officer commits crimes and isn't held accountable for those crimes that is a problem because not only does it tarnish all of the good officers but also damages trust in the justice system itself. Supporting police helps provide them with training, mental health support, and removal when behaviors are intentionally inappropriate and/orcorrupt. Supporting police is about supporting positive change that draws communities together to create a more effective system that helps in recruitment, investigations, and law enforcement in a way that helps people the most.

I can say that I support the police and believe most do a very good job but I must also accept the need for change and the need to investigate and remove bad apples for the improvement of the entire system that reduces costs and improves outcomes. Moving oneself over and away from the system allows for a better birds eye that ensure the system better self-corrects and adjusts when needed while still serving its essential function.

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