Tuesday, July 14, 2020

The Justice System is Connected to Social Stability and Economic Growth

Let's say for a minute there is no Justice system or we have a system that is inherently corrupt like many other nations. Crimes are not investigated, innocent go to jail, there is "protected" class, and money determines who receives justice or not. This would be a society that would continue to decline and see impoverishment as the underpinnings of trust that create future investment are torn away.

We see this connection between corruption and lack of economic growth repeatedly in literature. I will write more about investment and justice in the future in my economic theory.  Those countries that have the most corrupt Justice System also have more violence, poverty, lack investment, and have damaged all of the people in society. They have become their own worst enemy and don't have the insight to reverse course or make adjustments.

Our economic system is based on trust. Trust in the dollar, trust in each other, and trust in a shared sense of purpose. We invest in places we know that if someone steals money they will be held accountable and where there is social stability because people know the difference between right and wrong. We put our effort into systems that we know the rich don't walk and the poor don't go to jail just because of the dollars they throw at the case or how the system is designed.

Profit and philosopher came to warn people about the necessity of doing the right thing focused on the greater good of society and not their individuals needs. From Socrates drinking the hemlock potion to Jesus being nailed to a cross their lessons don't sink in even though we claim a system based on values. We read, learn, and then discard. We are not really talking about religion or religious examples so much as the esoteric truth of life.

In the American system people bring forward evidence and then a ruling is made that seeks to create justice. However, sometimes that justice is skewed by false beliefs, the role of big money and lawyers, the protection of officials from prosecution, racism/bigotry, and corruption. We have a responsibility to keep the system as pure as we can to create trust in the population but also in the business community; they aren't mutually exclusive.

When a system begins to derail and the stakeholders don't push it to go back toward the truth then we have shortened our own futures. Investors won't put their money into a system they feel doesn't have fair play. We are no longer in a world where we all look the same and come from the same background. The Justice system has responsibility to toward doing the right thing each and every time or be in part responsible for a collapsed economy and a society that lost its belief in the system.

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