Saturday, July 25, 2020

Covid Strikes Universities and Colleges with Layoffs

Layoffs are coming to universities. While the change in enrollment might reduce employment numbers because many students are not going back to traditional campus it is possible that some of these universities will start going more online. They have very large investments in buildings and other infrastructure and that might drag a few around. 

Thus in the future some colleges may have smaller boutique campuses for certain classes that must be conducted onsite like laboratories and and larger online structure. If we get a COVID get a vaccine soon it might be a temporary issue with some serious damage to their strained budgets but if it lasts a long time it will likely take some of these colleges out. 

Those colleges that started making the transition before COVID are likely to do well and not have the same issues or impact. 

You may want to read the article "60 Colleges Facing Layoffs Thanks to Coronavirus" by Gabrielle Olya in Yahoo Finance

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