Saturday, July 25, 2020

Bringing the ISIS Beatles to Justice

Religion is meant to be a sours of inspiration designed to make our lives better and provide a greater awareness of the world around us. This isn't a talk about any particular religion as each had adherents that corrupted the message one time or another as a way to political or personal power. What we can say is that the behavior of the ISIS Beatles is defies any religious doctrine and moves into cruelty that can sadden a persons soul and heart. Religion is great but violence in the name of religion is not acceptable in the modern world. We can have room for love and compassion in our hearts. 

Modern societies must shun radicalism in all its form from any religion and try and lay the groundwork for drawing people together in a spirit of civility and cooperation. The beliefs we sow today will sprout generations down the road as people come to accept or deny those beliefs based on their own personal experiences. Standing for a peaceful world is incumbent on all the three major tripartite religions. How we get from from that one point to another is a difficult task and almost no one has the key.

It is good to see justice for the innocent.

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