Friday, May 22, 2020

White House and President Trump States Faith Places of Worship Should Be Open (May 22nd, 2020)

In an interesting turn of events President Trump indicated that faith based places must be opened and the Federal Government will override them. There are essential questions as they relate to the right to practice one's religion. More specifically, he mentioned three large religions indicating all Americans are part of this great country regardless of their religious affiliations.

There is further decline in sickness and illness. The virus isn't gone but it is definitely not creating the dark cloud it once did. There may be a couple of issues here as they relate to learned social behavior, the virus strain working its way out of an organism (us), and emergency/mortality issues are declining. We are in a different situation than we were when this emergency situation began.

President Trump donates his salary to important causes. In particular, he is donating 100K to Health and Human Services to further Covid research. The total salary not including extras is 400K. So this is a pretty large chunk.

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