Sunday, May 31, 2020

Rock Climbing Sugar Loaf Mountain Marquette

Pictures were taken while rock climbing in Marquette at Sugar Loaf mountain. Its a nice little hike up. When you go off the trail a little you can find a number of places to throw your rope over and climb up. I've been thinking about climbing Mount Everest someday. Not sure if I will do it but it seems like there is so much we as a nation need to do to work together for a better future. Riots, economy, politics, science, crime, and the list goes on. I think justice (A more philosophical kind and not really the common language of it) is a good reason and raise awareness for children. It seems we need to start listening to each other and do what is best and right. I'm not sure we can do it but one can hope. It is not use vs them it is us vs us. We are reflections of each other. You may want to read sociologist Charles Horton Cooley' Looking Glass Self to have a better understanding of what is going on right now in society.

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