Monday, June 1, 2020

Drowning Out the Voice of Reason-Protest and Politics

Our nation is going through a transition and there are needed changes and it would be helpful if these changes were more of smooth transition than a bumpy destructive bounce. Change will happen as many of our nation's leaders begin to ponder the difficulties, trials and tribulations of a long legacy of exclusion. There are people on both sides of the spectrum sharing short-sighted opinions. I love opinions but people are often blinded by their backgrounds and past so the voice of reason and wisdom is often ignored.

We are what the world reflects on us. If you are raised in a certain race and background you may have a hard time seeing what others are saying because you don't have the same symbolism, values, and backgrounds. It would take years for people to gain that perspective. It doesn't matter if you are White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, Mixed or anything else.

There are a few people who can step outside their past but still may not have the exposure to the other side to really understand their perspective. Lining up to force our opinions on each other isn't the wisest things to do. A line was crossed and people on both sides are continuing to radicalize their followers. That will likely make things much more difficult before they get better.

To encourage transition faster.....

Stop! Listen! Think!

Violence isn't the Answer: Violence is not the answer. It doesn't matter who you are and what side you are on. This isn't a small group of people complaining and could easily turn into a national movement. Therefore, it is necessary to deescalate both sides, avoid violence, and start the process of dialogue.

Ignoring Each Others Voice Isn't the Answer: There are good points being made on both sides. We all want neighborhoods to be safe and most of us want to partner and work with each other to create new opportunities for everyone. Minorities are no longer minorities and it is important for our political leaders to listen and embrace reasonable requests for change by a younger generation.

Listing to Foreign Governments inst the Answer: Under no circumstances should anyone be listening to anyone outside this country trying to "stir the pot". There are people in the world who want this situation to turn very bad. Many want it to get better but people get confused by the mix messages. It wouldn't be a wild speculation to say there are agents on their way to cause problems where and when they can.

The Strategic Answer: In any strategic solution it is important to take a good look at what both sides are saying and listen them. Most of the time there is a win-win situation that hasn't been explored. What if we can create a stronger economy by helping Millennials of all backgrounds start jobs, get training, and live helpful lives? What if we can reform our justice system to reduce cost, improve effectiveness, and accept more universal values? There is a path but all the "experts" seem to talk without truly understanding.

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