Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Self-Help Book Teaches How to Turn Negative Memories into Positive Lessons for a Better Life

I have no idea how many books I've read in my lifetime but recently I added one to my list because it has a message most didn't---meaning! The author reached out and I'm happy he did. He seems like an interesting character and has a powerful message to share with people. We know that life is hard and sometimes we are dealt a pretty bad hand of cards. We can up our hand by training our brain to stop thinking about the past and focusing more on the future. Its not easy and early patterns of negative experiences might carry most of us forward into a destructive life to ourselves and others. There are those who become aware and move forward to do profound things. It may not always be an easy life but it is our own life and while we appreciate the helping hands along the way we are the ones that must pull ourselves out our own dark hole. Its your life so start living it in a positive and happy way!

Retrain your brain.....

Self-help Book Teaches How to Turn Negative Memories into Positive Lessons for a Better Life

Brian Kasperitis announces the release of ‘Your Life Sucks: Because You Are a Big Jerk!’

Brian Kasperitis
HOUSTON – Brian Kasperitis returns to the publishing scene with the release of “Your Life Sucks: Because You Are a Big Jerk!” (published by Xlibris) and also available through Barnes & Noble and Amazon, or your favorite book seller or distributor. Inspired from his own experience, this self-help book teaches how to change one’s thoughts and the level of their existence.

In the book, Kasperitis tells stories from his childhood through adulthood and portrays how each has helped him change his way of thinking and his life as a whole. Your Life Sucks” reaches out to readers who are facing any kind of struggle in life that may be holding them back with answers that can help them rise to a higher level of positive living. Further, the author asserts that change can happen “starting today!”

“Stop acting like a jerk! Stop treating people badly. Stop treating yourself bad! Stop cussing and complaining and move on move ahead! Rather than looking back, move forward, get out in front of your life and live on a higher and better level,” Kasperitis says. “You can do this, starting today!”

Easy to read and with personal, enlightening anecdotes, “Your Life Sucks” does not introduce sophisticated methods to succeed in changing one’s life but highlights on how one can learn lessons from every person they associate with.

YOUR LIFE SUCKS: Because You Are a Big Jerk!
By Brian Kasperitis
Softcover | 6 x 9in | 146 pages | ISBN 9781796039320
E-Book | 146 pages | ISBN 9781796039313
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author
Brian Kasperitis was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He presently lives in Kingwood, Texas, with his daughter, Megan, and his granddaughter, Brianna Dee. Kasperitis began working as a professional musician at an early age, touring and playing in an orchestra. He holds an associate degree in music, bachelor’s degree in music education, and in elementary education, and a master’s degree in educational leadership. Today, he is an author, teacher, college professor, workshop presenter, professional trumpet player, singer and entertainer. Readers can follow Kasperitis on Facebook and YouTube.

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