Wednesday, April 22, 2020

President Trump and Task Force Gives Update for April 22nd, 2020

As a nation we are getting to a point where we are thinking of how to get past the COVID-19 pandemic. People's minds have switched from panicky reaction to long-term strategies on how to  re-open the country. You can see from the choice of topics and the way people are communicating that we are starting to assess where to go now and further build capacities in case things flare up again. Now is when discussions will happen with greater fervor on when to launch economic revival that will hopefully put the U.S. in a much higher competitive platform. It wasn't central to this briefing but implied in a few places. As the details of long-term economic strategies are created there will be additional tid bits coming out soon as plans are formalized.

A Few Notes from the Briefing:

There are some issues as it pertains to quotations and the media. So some of the time was spent correcting some of the headlines. It isn't expected that it will be worse in the fall.  I think this is correct because we now know what were dealing with, won't have as much public reaction, and people are more prepared than before. Likewise, we have better systems in place to deal with it effectively.

Discussed Georgia and the need to not open up too much too quickly. Some things are too soon. This was a strong comment so that people don't think its ok to rush back to normal and create more risk.

The Thunderbirds and Blue Angels want to show solidarity and support for the medical community that are really out there risking their lives. Troops are deployed by citizens to help them and support them. They are working on supporting the nation where they can through the airbridge and other movement of equipment and personnel.

The White House wants to support underserved African American and other minorities to restore people to full economic and physical health. There will be people working to try and enhance their position. I think this is important if we as a nation desire to have "all hands on deck" in our economic revival. The President hopes ever American can truly succeed in this country regardless of race, religion, and creed.

A tree was planted at the White House to commemorate the opening of our National Parks and Recreation area.  (Personal note) In the future, our environment will become increasing important and we will want to encourage and add to them when possible. Technology is changing, or will soon change, to the point that we can better protect the environment while still manufacture products that have market relevance. Innovation often limits waste in a way that creates a better product with less carbon footprint. We can think of better batteries and biodegradable products as examples of growing technology that can impact the environment.

It is important that states and federal government work together. The system created is designed to ease into normalcy in a way that can be reversed. It is important for leaders to not just jump into opening but to do so following the phases in order test and understand how it goes. Things could be complicated by the Flu so we have to be prepared and we are much better prepared now than before.

Extra information on the Change in Social Media: 

Facebook has some information on social mobility from Covid-19 Mobility Data Network, coordinated by Direct Relief and researchers from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Facebook’s Data for Good program.

Health Organizations can check out Data for Good. Disease prevention maps.

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