Friday, April 17, 2020

Governor Whitmer Discusses the State of COVID and Michigan's Plan to Re-open

Michigan Governor Whitmer updated the public with the State of the State as it relates to Covid. She indicates that she will be re-opening the state based on location and infection rate. One thing that you can see is how the states and federal government interact in a type of conversation. There are some differences between the two in terms of testing but these are not anything radically different. So it appears as a nation we are creating a total plan where responses can be localized based on a wider federal guideline. It is one of those strategies that allows for flexibility within a stronger framework. This is what happens when State and Federal government listen and interact with each other in a positive way.

One thing is for that Chaos has taught our nation new skills and a spirit of bi-partisan collaboration. If it happens again we will have an arsenal and a battle plan already!

Governor Whitmer Updates.....
-1-888-733-7753 Mental Health Line.
-New Mental Health website, meditation, activities, etc....
-$2 million behavioral grant from the SAMHS Administration.
-Michigan Cares offers educators, children, parents and free digital lessons to teach people emotional, social, and mental well being skills.
-Michigan Sexual Assault Line Call or text. 1-855-voices4 and Domestic Violence 1-800-799-safe.
-Discussed working with governors in region.
-Fact based and data driven opening.
-Sustained control of new infections, test and trace infections, hospital surge, and social distance.
-New testing sites.
-Working with industry for testing.
-12 small businesses and non-profits were awarded Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) Pure Michigan grants program are helping to fund mask creation.
-Wal-mart and other organizations have donated a lot of PPE and other stuff.
-Starting to engage with low risk sectors and regions.
-Work settings will be evaluated on the type and risk.
-Fill out your Census.
-30K people tested positive Covid. Lost 2000 people.
-Showed how we flattened the curve.

Dr. Joneigh S. Khaldun Provides Details
-More people are being discharged than being admitted.
-Social distancing is working.
-Data is used to help people understand.
-First state to talk of race and demographics.
-If you need call disaster hotline 1-800-985-5990

Interview Earlier in Day:

Governor Whitmer discusses Michigan, COVID-19 and Federal Guidelines. It appears for the most part she plans on following them but will do so specifically with Michigan in mind. There are differences between the U.P. and South Michigan in terms of infection rate. My suspicion is that the  regional governors may end up charting a slightly different route that will still shadow the Federal guidance.  What I like about what the Feds did is that they offered an opportunity for each state to determine their own course. Of course if restrictions are viewed as excessive or too arbitrary pressure will rise. isn't an easy call for anyone and a lot political careers are made and broken in difficult times. A massive new spike would be terrible in the same way as a destroyed economy. Thus, we know something will be announced soon but precisely what that open to debate.

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