Friday, April 17, 2020

April 16th, 2020 President Trump Updates on Opening the Economy Methodology

President Trump discusses the opening of our economy through bi-partisan advisers in a way that puts science at its center. It is our chance to reoriented the great American Armada to new lands and opportunities. We have within our fingers the chance to reclaim our destiny and carry our great nation forward as a one people. Three phases to opening that can be done on a national, regional, state, and county level. There will be continued monitoring of the cases and areas to ensure that we don't have new outbreaks. New rules and guidelines are to be released but appear to be well thought out.

President Trumps highlights:

-Largest mobilization since WWII.
-We are a national family.
-Made choices to protect Americans and mobilize industry.
-$2 Trillion dollar relief package.
-Actions have saved 100K of lives.
-Originally expected 1.5-2.2 million deaths without mitigation.
-30% if country have reported no new cases.
-The next front "Opening Up America Again".
-National shut down is not a long-term sustainable solution.
-Would believe the economy would boom.
-184 countries have suffered.
-Federal Government issuing guidelines for opening economy.
-We are opening in a phased and safe manner.
-Healthy Americans can return to work.
-We will shelter our vulnerable population.
-Easing restrictions when cases go down.
-Each state is different and Governors can choose to open and close as necessary.
-We want states to work together and harmonize their efforts.
-If we have outbreaks we will put them out rapidly.
-If it returns in the fall we can use the guidelines to put it out quickly.
-35 clinical trials are currently on the way in terms of plasma. Look for
-New 5 minute tests. 120,000 test in a single day.
-Extra testing capacities of 1 million a week.
-Science based opening.
-Not about a party its about our people.
-Reclaim our destiny and carry our nation forward to new heights.

The Generic Phases:

Phase 1: Vulnerable individuals "shelter in place".
-Some places can open under the right circumstances and cleaning protocol.

Phase 2: Physical distance and reopening.
-Schools can start to open.

Phase 3: New "Normal".
-This will be defined in the future but will require diligence.

The Concept of "Gaiting" 

The concept of "gaiting" allows for a criteria before moving into the next phase. This appears to be dependent on data and cases. Such a system helps local governments figure out where they fit in terms of the overall safety measures to open up. There will be a new normal that may include crowds but there will always be protections in place. The system allows checking back to ensure cases are subsided before moving forward.

People want to keep the small business loan system going. This has great potential down the road. It will improve liquidity, spur innovation, and run against the "wealthy get everything" mentality that has grown over the past decade. Young Millenials will have a better chance to blaze own path in a way that creates long term economic sustainability. It is opportunity and youthful hope matched with seasoned guidance that will make our nation a leading force for good generations to come!

An Opportunity for Growth:

If I was a young person now I would think about what I could do to turn my innovative ideas into a feasible business. It may start in your basement or garage but with diligence could become a powerhouse for your family and local communities. There are many ways to serve your country and dreaming is one of them!

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