Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Lap Swimming Pool Closed? Jump into the Deep Blue!

Body Glove summer suit and quick dry shoes.
The pools are closed and you feel lost because your normal appetite for lap swimming isn't quenched ( can get addicting!). Hot showers, tip toe warm pools, time clocks in every direction, and modern poolside conveniences like towel service are for the socially conscious swimmer. Outdoor swimming and all its panoramic view is for adventurists who likes rugged inconveniences! Go the "old fashion" way...the way great grandpa and grandma did it! Go jump in a lake!

After the first 30 seconds of agonizing "wake up" shocks as your body plunges into the deep blue you will come to realize how spoiled you were back at the "spa"!  Maybe you will also come to gain a greater sense of how important it is now and in the future to protect our environment.

We probably don't need to discuss much about the health benefits of lap swimming because if you are reading this you likely found it by key words. In short, swimming is one of  the best sports one could engage in for overall health. It impacts your entire body, improves your cardiovascular system and shreds fat! Moving on......

Swimming outdoor burns even more calories! It not only requires a higher level of effort dealing with bouncing waves and pulling currents but also pushes you to become comfortable with the uncomfortable. Likewise because you are maintaining your core temperature in cold water (I mean very cold water!😬) your body will burn additional calories!

While doing a rustic plunge has its advantages for health and aesthetic sights there are some precautions you should take before going natural with your workouts. This is even more important with people who are not accustomed to being outdoors and the fickle personality of Mother Nature. Swim with either a wet suit or a flotation device until you get familiar with your own abilities and your new swimming grounds. I once saw a surfer get swept back out by a rip tide he was crossing over. Fortunately, he was a strong swimmer and knew what he was doing but you may not.

Be safe out there......

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