Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Scientists Can Submit COVID-19 Papers to World Health Organization (WHO) Database

The World Health Organization (WHO) created a database that researchers that can upload papers, partial papers, and pre-print papers for other scientists to read and explore solutions. In crisis situations it is important to open the lines of communication to fellow scientists on a global scale in an effort to gain a broad understanding quickly.

As of yet no one has a solution but encouraging people who studied similar phenomenon to upload their papers goes a long way (for successful and unsuccessful studies). It is an attempt to collect all current peer-reviewed studies on COVID-19 and make them searchable.

Science can sometimes be chaotic and at times researchers explore hunches to find new connections that lead to solutions. The good news is that the database seems to have enough capabilities to be useful and lead to categorization of information. Categories with lots of data allow for us to think along the lines of variables and testing.

More impressive is that scientists are throwing their work up their with little or no concern for copy-write issues! If you know scientists and professors they are somewhat secretive of their ground breaking work. In this case they are pulling together to get the job done as a scientific community!

Within a short time span they created a budding body of knowledge.

There may be a few biologists, researchers and others that may have something to contribute. Here is the WHO site.....

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