Thursday, June 27, 2019

A Few Seconds To Writing Headings that Sell

Marketing isn't an exact science and writing effective headings and ads takes practice. Some consumers respond to certain key phrases and ideas more than others. Much is dependent on the product, market and current emotional state of the receiver. We can say that advertising is a form of communication that allows people learn about the benefits of products to their lives. As a communication tool it is important to keep the customer's needs center stage while drafting your ads to ensure the most beneficial information is received.

At times, we see complexity or desire to explain ideas as fully as possible. That doesn't always work because people can easily become confused without context. It is hard to create context within a few seconds.  That takes a little while to create and often isn't always possible in sound byte fashion.

Keep the message as simple as possible. A small small phrase or concept makes all the difference in clarity. If you want to highlight some aspect of your business or promotion keep the headline and key selling point closely related. As an example, if you want to promote clean then the word clean should be at a focal point of your writing.

Customers have a short attention span and don't always pay much attention to ads unless its snags their attention. This is where strong headlines can do "magic" by offering a quick snap shot that encourages them to read more.

While writing your headline make sure you understand the customer, their needs and problems. You are trying to enhance their life and solve their problems. The product's value is in what it can do for them! For example, Rugged and Trail might go well with people who hike, bike, fish, and spend a portion of their time outdoors.

A couple of key words should be used in your heading if it can. Try organizing these words in different ways to create alternative meanings. Think about the meaning you are trying to share and solidify your choice.

People can provide helpful hints about advertisements. While most of this advice is great there are times when experimentation can be worth it. Advertising is a field that keeps changing and adjust month over month and year over year.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when writing headings.....

-Keep it short.
-Keep it focused
-Relay a single thought or concept.
-Play with order.
-Focus on your audience.
-Use terms and images that appeal to your audience.
-Remember that attention span is short.
-3-5 words is the easiest to remember

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