Thursday, June 27, 2019

Diving in Low Visibility Conditions

I'm not an expert diver. As a matter of fact, I'm just starting to dive. A group of us went out diving in fairly low visibility at the beach in Marionette. It was a fantastic experience because not only did I get to try new environments but I also worked more on staying close to a group of people. 
We "buddied" up so that we didn't lose each other. If we lost each other then it made sense to stop, wait a minute and go back to the surface. Diving with others improves safety and the ability to see more things. Having a buddy to dive with is very helpful. 
As I now know. One of my swim mates had a leg cramp and I had to drag him by the back of his respirator about 150 feet. Not easy!
The biggest thing I needed to get over was being well under the water and seeing the surface above you. You sort of feel a little trapped under water. Swimming with others makes a difference. As you get more experience that natural nervousness will go away.


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